Attendance in just two taps

TapTurnstile Icon

Designed for instructors, conference organizers and other professionals who need to keep attendance records for numerous groups of paying members, this app works like a turnstile at your fingertips. Enter the number of classes each member has purchased, then each day that member is present is recorded with a single tap, and their class package is updated accordingly. TapTurnstile notifies you when each member is about to run out of classes so that you don't lose customers due to inactivity. At the end of each day you have a clear report of who was present for each group and you never have to worry about marking the wrong day, since group lists are updated for you daily.

If you just need to keep track of who showed up for what and when without a discounting against a class package, you can disable the "Turnstile Mode" setting for regular attendance. Turning off turnstile mode displays every member in your groups, including those who've run out of classes.

TapTurnstile integrates seamlessly with your Address Book. To add new members you can either add them to the app individually, or you may import a group of contacts from your Address Book, saving you lots of time.