Tumblr on Your Desktop

Everything you love about Tumblr, from the comfort of your desktop. Work your way through your dashboard, search tags, post and reblog without any interruptions or contextual switch. Milk offers a distraction-free reading experience to suit to your taste. And it looks great in full screen.

* Currently not available on the App Store.

Bird's Eye View

Break through the surface noise and spend more time time with the posts you care about by spending less energy scrolling through the rest.

VIP & Mute

Make sure posts from your favorite blogs don't get lost in the mix by adding them to your VIP list. Skip posts from blogs you're not interested in at the moment using the mute list.

Organize Your Dashboard

Organize the blogs you follow based on your interests to get an idea of what the layout of your dashboard is like on any day.

Work Offline

Have an idea for a post but no internet connection? Create posts on your desktop, then publish, enqueue or save a draft to any blog once you're connected.

Filter Results

View only the type of posts you're in the mood for at the moment.

Multiple Accounts

Login to each account once and then switch between them with just a click.

Don't Lose Your Place

Reblog, search tags, and follow links without losing your place in the dashboard.

Custom Styles

Choose your own fonts and colors for a personalized reading experience.

Save Tags

Search and save tags to stay up-to-date on your favorite topics.

Search History

Step back through every blog and tag viewed during each session.

GIF Control

Enjoy gifs on your own terms without letting them distract your reading.

Minimal Mode

View in 'Minimal Mode' for distraction-free reading. Looks great in full-screen.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Step through your dashboard, create posts and search tags with a keystroke.

Drag & Drop

Drop photos, audio or video files onto the main window to create a new post.

Simple Reblog

Reblog and edit without losing sight of the original post.

No waiting

Keep tumbling while your posts are uploaded in the background.

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