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Welcome to our Hotel blog!

The topics cover new and existing features of our hotel management software, as well as tips for getting the most out of our platform. If you have a question that's not listed here, try our FAQ or log in and click the chat button on the bottom right of your screen to get in touch with our staff.

Below you will find an index of our hotel blog posts in reverse chronological order. If you are new to the blog or to our hotel platform, the best place to start is the Quick-start Guide.

  1. How To Authorize & Refund Hotel Payments In Your Front Desk

    Authorize and Refund are now available for payments in your Front Desk. Reservations made through your Front Desk and Booking Engine with a credit card can be validated with your payment processor. Any payments for an active booking can be refunded, with funds issued through your payment processor in the case of credit card payments.

  2. Setup WordPress in you Hotel Website

    Premium subscribers can now host their full hotel website for free! Our hosting suite includes full FTP server access, emails, DNS, and you can even use the CMS of your choice, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. In this post we review the steps to setup WordPress for hotel Websites and cover a few basic design tips to make WordPress work for your hotel’s website.

  3. Hotel Website Hosting

    Premium Subscribers can now host their hotel website on our servers. We offer full Windows hosting with FTP access, SSL, and email. You can even install your favorite CMS, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. In this post we cover how to request and setup your hotel hosting service with us.

  4. Hotel Design Updates

    There are many new features and design updates available for the Hotel Front Desk and Hotel Booking Engine. In this post we cover all the new features available to help you save time and improve your workflow, and better showcase your hotel property.

  5. Hotel Integration is now available as a Hotel payment processor, in addition to Stripe and PayPal. is one of the world’s leading Hotel payment processors. Backed by Visa, it is available to hotels based in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

  6. Troubleshooting Your Hotel Channel Connections

    You will never have to think about your Hotel channel connections after the initial setup. However, every now and then you may want to check that everything is working as it should. In this post we cover how to check that your Hotel channel connections are in working order.

  7. Hotel GDPR Compliance

    On May 25, 2018 the Hotel General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) went into effect in the European Union. The Hotel GDPR provides an updated set of data protections for EU residents world-wide. In this post we cover the new features that help you maintain Hotel GDPR compliance.

  8. The Hotel Channel Manager is Open for Testing

    The title says it all. Up until now, the Hotel Channel Manager has only been available to users after they have upgraded to a Premium Subscription. From today on, it’s now available to everyone during the Hotel PMS Demo.

  9. Updates To Hotel Booking Management

    The Hotel Front Desk has been updated to make hotel operations faster and easier to manage. We have added some features, but mostly removed many restrictions that were causing friction and slowing down the booking process. In this post we cover everything you need to know to operate your Hotel reception desk.

  10. Hotel Bulk Import and Calendar Updates

    In this article we cover the newly added Hotel Bulk Importer, along with an interesting update to your Hotel booking calendar. New users can now import all their Hotel reservations data in just a few minutes from one screen, and all users can get a bird’s eye view of their hotel operations, including Hotel Revenue and Hotel Occupancy, right from their Hotel booking calendar.

  11. Per-Guest Pricing

    The most recent update includes new stylistic features for the Hotel Booking Engine, as well as per-guest room pricing for your Hotel Front Desk and Hotel Booking Engine. You can now set the base price for your Hotel rooms on a per-guest basis, before the addition of any per-guest rate adjustments. We’ve also made it easier to update your room pricing calendar, so you can now set seasonal pricing in a fraction of the time.

  12. Your Hotel Inbox is Piling Up

    Your Hotel Inbox is the second most important screen in your Hotel Front Desk, aside from your Hotel reservations calendar. Here you have all the notifications regarding new Hotel reservations, late arrivals, overstays, and any Hotel channel errors or updates, along with who’s checking in or out today. In this post we give you a quick example of how to deal with each type of notification, so you stay on top of all the activity for your hotel. In most cases, a simple click is enough.

  13. Three Things to Do After Upgrading

    In this post we cover the transition from a Demo Hotel PMS Account to a Full Subscription. Although most of the following items are available to you during the Free Demo, many users forget to complete their setup after upgrading from their trial account. In just three steps we cover everything you need to know to get fully setup.

  14. Updates to Hotel Group Bookings

    The Hotel Front Desk and Hotel Booking Engine have been updated to make it easier to manage Hotel group reservations. In this update, we have made it easier to book, reschedule, and cancel individual rooms in a group. We have also updated your Hotel booking engine to make it more convenient for Hotel guests who need to book several Hotel rooms together.

  15. Hotel Internationalization

    We are pleased to announce our Hotel Front Desk manager now works in 21 languages including Japanese, Chinese, Hindi and Turkish! Manage your hotel operations in your language of choice, all from one platform.

  16. How to Print an Hotel Invoice

    The Hotel invoice for a Hotel reservation is available to the hotelier and guest at several stages throughout the lifetime of a booking. In this brief post we review how find and print an invoice.

  17. How to Resolve Hotel Channel Errors

    When you have connected your Hotel channel manager, your hotel will be sending and receiving data to and from many sources every minute. With so many Hotel reservations coming in from multiple sources, it is inevitable that there will be incorrect data or collisions with existing reservations. In this post we review the most common Hotel channel errors and how to solve them.

  18. Hotel Charts & Graphs

    In our latest update to the Hotel Front Desk manager, we have added charts and graphs throughout the application to allow hoteliers to get an idea of Hotel booking sources and Hotel revenue distribution at a glance. There is no need to export your data to generate visual analysis of your hotel’s business.

  19. Hotel Price Match

    The Hotel Front Desk manager provides helpful tips and notifications along the right side of a reservation’s details view. One that’s very important is the ‘Hotel Price Match’ notification, which concerns bookings that were received from exterior Hotel channels, like and Airbnb.

  20. Hotel Channel Management 101

    There is a lot of confusion regarding Hotel channel management. ‘Hotel Channel Management’ is an umbrella term for maintaining price and availability across all your online sales channels. If you’re new to our platform and you’re ready to connect to or Airbnb, etc, you should start by reading this post.

  21. White Label Hotel Booking Engine

    You can now use your Hotel booking engine from your own Hotel website! With our new embedding widget, you can take reservations directly from any Hotel website. Your Hotel reservations are easy, secure, and commission-free.

  22. Hotel HTML Emails

    You can now create custom emails for your daily hotel activities. You can create a custom message for new reservations, check-outs, and cancellations. Edit your messages in HTML to send out automatically as part of your Hotel bookings flow.

  23. Drag-n-Drop Hotel Calendar

    Your Hotel reservations calendar has been updated to make it even easier to manage your hotel’s daily activity. You can now drag and resize to create and reschedule bookings.

  24. Hotel User Management

    In our latest update to the Hotel Front Desk manager, we have added a new user type: Property Manager. Property Managers have the same access level as the Account Owner, but they are limited to the properties assigned to them.

  25. Hotel TripAdvisor TripConnect

    We are proud to be a Hotel TripAdvisor TripConnect Premium Partner. We provide a simple API level connection that allows our hotel partners to manage their Hotel rooms, rates, and meta content automatically on this network.

  26. Multi-lingual Hotel Booking Engine

    Your Hotel booking engine now works in 21 languages, including Greek, Hebrew, and Hindi. You can localize the description for your rooms, rates, and additional booking engine info for any or all languages.

  27. Hotel Payment Gateways Part III: PayPal

    You can use PayPal to process credit card payments directly from your Hotel Front Desk manager. PayPal is a free addition, and you can even try it out during your 16-day free trial.

  28. Hotel Payment Gateways Part II: Stripe

    You can use Stripe to process credit card payments directly from your Hotel PMS Front Desk manager. Stripe is a free addition, and you can even try it out during your 16-day free trial.

  29. Hotel PMS Payment Gateways Part I: Concepts

    You can connect your Hotel PMS Payment Gateway to process live credit card payments directly from your Hotel Front Desk manager. Before you do this, you should be familiar with a few definitions and concepts found in this blog post.

  30. MyAllocator Integration

    We are pleased to announce our new partnership with MyAllocator! In this post, we cover everything you need to know to setup and manage your connection to MyAllocator.

  31. Hotel Booking Engine Style Updates

    The Hotel direct booking engine has been updated to allow further customization, along with a revamped Cosmo theme.

  32. Hotel Facebook Integration

    You can accept Hotel reservations directly from your hotel’s Facebook page using one of the embedding widgets available through our Hotel channel manager.

  33. Markdown Hotel HTML Now Available

    We have updated the Hotel Front Desk and Booking Engine so that you can now edit room descriptions and booking engine additions in Markdown HTML!

  34. Introducing: Hotel Night Shift

    If your property runs 24 hours, the afterhours can be difficult on your eyes. It’s dark all around, but your computer monitor is blaring bright white. Just doing a check-in can be a shock to the system.

  35. Picking a Hotel Color Scheme

    You can customize your Hotel booking engine to fit your hotel brand. However there may be too many options and settings beyond your hotel’s palette, which may be just two colors. How do you pick the rest?

  36. Hotel Payment Processing

    We have updated the Hotel Front Desk manager to process payments at any point through the lifetime of a reservation. This means you can now accept deposits and partial payments from the time a booking is created, until it’s checked out.

  37. Group Hotel Management

    We have expanded our platform to accommodate hotel chains, groups, and agencies. You can now add as many hotels/hostels/B&Bs/etc to your account as you need.

  38. New Hotel PMS Interface

    We have made a major release of our Hotel Front Desk and Hotel Booking Engine applications focused on improving user interaction. As our applications grow to meet your demands, so does the level of complexity in the menus and buttons.

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